Steel Ocean – ChangYou prepares naval warfare game for Closed Beta 2

With Wargaming’s “World of” series (published by KongZhong) doing well in China, it is no surprise the bigwigs will soon introduce their own iteration of the same genre. The latest to enter the scene is ChangYou, with Steel Ocean aiming to be a competitor with the yet-to-launch World of Warships.


Crafted using Unreal Engine 3, Steel Ocean boasts 2 modes which can hold up to 32 players (16 vs 16). The first mode requires teams to capture islands (capture the flag), while the second mode will see a heads-on PvP battle to sink the opposing team. More modes are expected in the future.

Steel Ocean - 16 vs 16 PvP mode Steel Ocean - Island capture mode

There are 6 different classes of battleships available (submarine included), and each will have unique models. Classes differ in attack distance, armour and cruise speed, and some are definitely not suitable for new players. There are several other features, such as customizing skill trees and parts.

Steel Ocean - Submarine class

Steel Ocean is currently being prepared for its 2nd Closed Beta phase on 21st November 2014, with no launch scheduled confirmed. Other than the features, ChangYou is touting the stunning graphics, realistic waters, environments, ship models and combat effects. Wargaming, game on!

Steel Ocean screenshot