Garena – Asian eSports pioneer opens new indoor stadium in Taipei

Garena, known throughout Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau as the publisher for League of Legends, recently launched its brand new eSports stadium in Taipei. The stadium reportedly holds 120 cinema-class seats, along with a mega 460 inch display screen and world-class production tools. Garena aims to hold around 300 eSports matches annually at the location.


The main aim of the eSports stadium is to promote the industry, and showcase to the public how popular competitive gaming really is. Garena is the organizer of the annual GPL (Garena Premier League) for League of Legends in several Asian countries, and will sell team-related merchandise at the eSports stadium as well. I should really head there for a glimpse!

Garena eSports Stadium photo 1 Garena eSports Stadium photo 2 Garena eSports Stadium photo 3 Garena eSports Stadium photo 4