Carbine Studios – Employees slam studio management on Glassdoor

Carbine Studios, a studio under NCsoft which recently fired 60 employees after WildStar’s launch, is back in the headlines. This time, it seems disgruntled employees, both currently working or left, have gone on Glassdoor to slam the management team, as reported by The Escapist.

Carbine Studios team

Currently having just 2.5 points out of 5 from Glassdoor, the only positives are the WildStar IP and fellow workers, while almost everyone suggests that the management level folks are screwing up big time. Low salaries and finger-pointing between teams are some of the negatives written down.

Carbine Studio - Glassdoor profile

According to 1 poster, it was mentioned that Carbine Studios will be contacting Glassdoor on the low score and change the situation. That is pretty alarming, if you ask me. With the recent delay of updates and Halloween events, together with the mass layoffs, it seems the dark days have just started.

WildStar screenshot