Call of Duty Online – New PvE mode added as shooter enters final test

Having been in limited beta phases for more than a year, Call of Duty Online recently began its final test phase in China. Formerly developed by Activision Shanghai, before transferring to Raven Software in North America, a new PvE mode was added recently to compliment the PvP modes.

Call of Duty Online - PvE mode Robot Zombies

Known as Survivor Rescue, players are to locate survivors, rescue and lead them to safety. Everyone will be under attack by the robot zombies (yes, robot zombies), which will come in a few different kinds. At the end, there will be this spaceship boss to fight off, before making a final rush to safety.


There are 2 other PvE modes added earlier, and 1 of it is the Zombie Defence mode. Found in many other shooters, players will have to defeat waves of robot zombies while surviving. Interestingly, the hideout will gradually become bigger as players unlock new areas within it.


Call of Duty Online is still being promoted as an “Asia exclusive”, with China being the main market. I am pretty sure either South Korea or Taiwan will be next. There were hints that the game will go beyond Asia, but that remains to be seen for the short term.

Call of Duty Online - PvE mode