Albion Online – Trailer showcases new features for upcoming Alpha

[Alpha signup] With less than a week to go for Closed Alpha, preparations for the upcoming alpha test on this free-to-play sandbox MMO are in full swing. On the 15th of September MMO fans will be able to dive into the exciting world of Albion Online. Here is a new trailer showcasing the new features!



During the last phase of development the world of Albion Online has grown significantly. Whether they need to reach their destination more quickly, or to transport loot around the world, players can now turn to a range of mounts to help them achieve their goals. With a horse, players can get around the massive world with more speed, while oxen facilitate the transportation of a large amount of goods.


Guild alliances

Cooperation between players can bring serious advantages in the dangerous world of Albion Online. Guilds looking to get to the very top can elect to enter into an alliance and spread their influence across the world.

Player cities

The concept of player cities adds a whole new class of region to the world, which represents a lucrative investment for guilds. These cities will be empty and barren when players first enter, and can be conquered, sieged and governed by the players themselves. Other players have the opportunity to buy plots of land in these cities and erect buildings.

In return, the governing guild receives a cut of these players’ plot upkeep costs and fees. But the guild must be vigilant; competing guilds will no doubt have their eye on this prize, and will attempt to take it by force, in massive sieges with up to 40 players.

Fast travel

To travel between different regions in the world of Albion Online, seaworthy travelers need simply search for a harbor and barter their way onto a ship. Space on board is limited, though, so a heavy inventory will send fast travel fees through the roof. Also, a ship’s captain cannot insure your goods, so will only travel between regions where PvP is not a threat.

And many more additions

Alongside the aforementioned features, players can also look forward to a complex housing system, restructured castle sieges and new and improved maps, amongst other things. A detailed list of all of the new features can be found at

Players interested in testing Albion Online can secure their access to the alpha with one of the founders’ packs. All the information about becoming a founder can be found at