Albion Online – A cross-platform sandbox where players take charge

[Alpha signup] There are several “indie” online titles being developed over in the Western market, and Albion Online happens to be one of them. Developed by Sandbox Interactive, the game will have a full loot system, where players drop their items upon death.


While full loot seems harsh, it is really a true way to test players’ skills in ambushing and attacking the right targets. There is no use for a player to hold an awesome sword if he or she is not able to fend off an ambush by others. The system will also deter cash trading of items.

Albion Online features

Another main feature is the territorial PvP system, where over 800 of these can be claimed by player guilds. Like a mini-game of sorts, the guilds may then gather resources, start a village or start a war against neighbor territories… Awesome!

Albion Online screenshot 1 Albion Online screenshot 2

There are several other features as well, such as crafting of gears, no class restrictions (how about a warrior throwing fireballs?), no level mechanics and more! Oh, did I mentioned that Albion Online can be played on several platforms, all linked to the same server?

Albion Online screenshot 3 Albion Online screenshot 4