Nexon – 13 mobile games announced for Korean market at special event

Nexon Korea held a media event yesterday in South Korea, showcasing 13 mobile titles either launching in the upcoming months or still in development. Out of these games, around half are developed by Nexon and its various studios. Here is a quick look at them.

Nexon Smart On photo

Street Fight IV: Arena

Street Fight IV: Arena is co-developed with Capcom, although it is unknown how much did Nexon actually contributed. The game will be launching later this month. A typical fighting game.


Pocket MapleStory

I have lost count of how many mobile games out there are based on MapleStory, but this is definitely closest to the client version. With over 400 quests, guild system, secondary profession and more, Pocket MapleStory will launch this September.


Project Q

Still without an official name, Project Q is a hack-and-slash action RPG developed by Nexon. Nothing outstanding here, since there are many similar games out in the market. Project Q is scheduled to launch this December.


Mabinogi Duel

A mobile TCG (trading card game) based on the lore of Mabinogi, this is definitely a surprise for me. I didn’t expect Mabinogi to have enough characters to pull this off. Mabinogi Duel currently does not have a launch schedule.


Highland Heroes (working title)

A real-time strategy RPG, where players control huge armies on the battlefield. If I did not read wrongly, players will eventually command a 100-man army. Of course, strategies must be formulated in such games as well.

Highland Heroes

Project OK (working title)

In-development by new studio, Nexon GT, Project OK is a mobile FPS (first person shooter). Nexon boasted that the game will be optimized for real-time gameplay, along with a wide variety of weapons.

Project OK

Project 30 (working title)

Also in-development by Nexon GT, Project 30 is classified as a Tactics Simulation Role Playing Game, or “Tactics SRPG”. Nothing much is known at this stage, though strategy is supposedly a key element.

Project 30