Forsaken World 2 – More details on the upcoming Demon race

With the expansion hitting the China server of Forsaken World this coming week, it has been upgraded to a “2” to reflect the changes. “Sin Breaker” is the only class playable for the new Demon race, with their main weapons being the trident and able to dish out massive AOE  spell damage.

Forsaken World 2 - Demon Sin Breaker stats

A brief back story for the Demon race: 1 of the 7 main races, part of the Demons rebelled against the gods as they chose not to worship any, while the majority went underground and hid in Hell. Claiming to have made a pact with the gods, the Demon race surfaced to much suspicions from the other races.

Forsaken World 2 - Demon screenshot 1 Forsaken World 2 - Demon screenshot 2