Closers – Focus Group Test reveals unique characters for MOBA mode

To refresh your memory, Closers: Dimension Conflict is an upcoming action side-scroller developed by Naddic Games, with the Korean publisher being Nexon. A recent Focus Group Test ended, with selected players able to test out the game and also provide feedback to the development team.

Closers - Focus Group Test image 1 Closers - Focus Group Test image 2

The main focus of this test phase is the new AOS mode, otherwise known as the MOBA mode. Compared to the first time it was announced, unique characters have been added, which are not playable in normal PvE maps. Seen here is “Maximus”, a strong tanker-type melee character.

Closers - Focus Group Test AOS mode screenshot 1 Closers - Focus Group Test AOS mode screenshot 2 Closers - Focus Group Test AOS mode screenshot 3

Another cool option, is the game’s ability to let players customize different skills builds for any one character, and save those builds separately. This is seen in the 2nd column of the character selection screen. Also, it seems there will be a few more new playable PvE characters as well.


According to developer Naddic Games, Closed Beta is scheduled for this August. For those wondering, Closers will be playable with game controllers/ game pads as well. More changes will be made, hence the above information might not be accurate by the time Closers enters Closed Beta.