Bless – Studio gets major boost with multi-million investment

Neowiz Bless Studio, the development team which branched out from Neowiz as a stand-alone unit, recently received an investment of 20 billion KRW (19.7 million USD). Provided by LB Investment and NH Investment, the huge sum will be used for Bless’ further development and launch.

Neowiz Bless Studio

Things have not exactly been quiet since Bless ended Closed Beta 1  in Korea earlier this year, with the development team hard at work improving and optimizing the game. Developed using Unreal Engine 3 and around 150 staff, Bless has been signed for China and Taiwan.

Bless - Game improvement 1 Bless - Game improvement 2 Bless - Game improvement 3


  1. What is the difference that is supposed to be being seen with the before and after screenshots? I’m not seeing any difference at all…

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