Neowiz Games – Bless and Project Black Sheep heading to China

Earlier today, it was announced that ChangYou, 1 of the major gaming publisher and developer in China, has signed Neowiz’s Bless and Project Black Sheep for the region. Known as the biggest gaming market in the world, Neowiz is looking to established itself in China.

Bless screenshot 1 Bless screenshot 2

Powered by Unreal Engine 3, the development team for Bless is known as “Neowiz Bless”, with around 150 employees and several veterans which worked on games such as TERA, Aion and Lineage 2. Bless’ main feature is the epic 2-faction war along with grand castle sieges covering both land and air.


Project Black Sheep is still very much in its development stage, but focuses more on hit-and-slash style of action combat, much like the system seen in Dragon Nest and Mabinogi Heroes. The effects and physics found in Project Black Sheep is powered by Havok.


ChangYou has yet to make an official statement as Neowiz was first to announce the news to the media. ChangYou is also developing several high-end client MMORPGs itself, making the 2 years ahead an exciting one for the company and the Chinese gaming market.

Project Black Sheep screenshot 1 Project Black Sheep screenshot 2 Project Black Sheep screenshot 3