Age of Heroes – New action 3D MOBA from China aiming for the big league

With the MOBA genre growing exponentially in China, no thanks for Dota 2, SMITE and League of Legends, a little-known developer there recently announced Age of Heroes, its very own action non-target 3D MOBA title. And to be honest, I am digging the game features.


As you can see in the trailer above, there are elements of GunZ in the game with the ability to sprint on walls, along with other actions such as front and back dash, roll-over dodge and more. The landscape here is not flat, hence terrain positioning is of utmost importance.

Age of Heroes art

The “towers” in Age of Heroes are actually mini-bosses, which will move for a distance instead of staying put. These “tower bosses” have AOE attacks as well. Also, all characters will have a class change at level 6, with 2 visually-different choices available.

Age of Heroes screenshot 2

This “class change” system is not just for show, as there are 3 different skills different for each choice. Some advanced classes might be more DPS oriented, some heavy on the defence side, some support while others lean towards support roles… I am seeing something special here.

Age of Heroes screenshot 1