Mythic Entertainment – EA shuts down Warhammer Online studio

Revealed recently, EA confirmed the closure of Mythic Entertainment to Kotaku, with no official announcement made on the studio’s website. Mythic Entertainment is known for developing titles such as the classic Dark Age of Camelot, and more recently, Warhammer Online.

Mythic closure

After being bought over by EA back in 2006, the studio never really had a successful game to boast of. Warhammer Online did enjoy an initial success, lasting 5 years, but it failed quickly in South Korea and Taiwan. A team-based PvP follow-up, Wrath of Heroes, lasted a little over a year.

Warhammer Online closure

Mythic only launched 4 games since its 2006 takeover, and the other 2 titles are mobile games, namely Ultima Forever and Dungeon Keeper. As the studio’s final game, I have seen many reviews and articles written by industry veterans slamming Dungeon Keeper for its non-bashful monetization schemes.