Rise of Mana – New game in popular RPG series lands on Japan iTunes

Posted just last week, the latest game in the popular Mana RPG series has landed on the iTunes in Japan. Still published by Square Enix, Rise of Mana will launch for Android on a later date. Interested folks can create a Japanese iTunes account to try the game out.


Rise of Mana stays with its RPG roots instead of being turned into a card game, with features players will get used to quickly. A couple include weapon upgrading and evolving of pet companions, while the main system will be the ability to switch between 2 characters, which share the same body.

Rise of Mana features

Based on a new storyline, players must control a character which consists of both angel and demon, forced to fuse after being attacked. The journey to seek out answers hence begin, in classic RPG style. I am not sure if Square Enix plans to port this to the English market, but chances are slim.

Rise of Mana poster