Rise of Mana – Square Enix reveals latest game in popular Mana series

The latest entry into the Mana series by Square Enix is heading to mobile devices, more specifically Android and iOS (Japan only). Known as Rise of Mana, this mobile RPG will feature a completely new storyline, not a remake or continuation of its predecessors.


Players will control a character where an angel and demon have fused into 1 entity, and it is crucial to know when to change between each form to utilize each’s unique skills. The unwilling odd couple, stuck to each other, hence travel together to seek answers.

Rise of Mana screenshot 1

Coincidentally, the key to their current trouble is a “holy sword”. This holy sword is 1 of the main object linking Rise of Mana to its predecessors, along with the giant tree, which appeared in the other games. “Legend of the Holy Sword” is also the official Japanese name for the series.

Rise of Mana screenshot 2 Rise of Mana screenshot 3

The game’s main song is performed by popular Japanese singer, Kokia, and the song album (along with other music pieces) will be on sale 23rd April 2014. Rise of Mana will be released for the Android platform this summer, with the iOS version expected to arrive earlier.

Rise of Mana poster