Blade & Soul – Nearly 200 servers live with insane number of players

Officially launching just late last month, the number of servers for Blade & Soul China has reached 195 to cope with the demand. The latest group was added just a week ago (the green status column), and the problem of server congestion for new players seem to have improved significantly.

Blade & Soul China - 195 game servers

According to reports, the concurrent number of users online has gone pass 1.8 million with around 18 million active users. Tencent Games is expected to make an official statement once the concurrent number hits 2 million. World of Warcraft took 3 years to hit 1 million concurrent users in the country.


The previous NCsoft game to launch in China was Aion, which only managed a peak of 560,000 concurrent users (supposedly during the free Open Beta period). Of course, publisher Shanda Games refused to budge from localizing the payment system.

Aion China

If Blade & Soul hits the 2 million mark, it will be a first for a 3D MMORPG in China. CrossFire (FPS) and Dungeon & Fighters (2D brawler), both under Tencent Games as well, have already hit the magical milestone. Of course, there is still no info on the English servers…