Asta: The War of Tears and Winds – New playable race to provide loli flair

Having launched in South Korea for a few months now, details for the final part of the first content update were released, introducing a brand new race, the Raksasa. Arriving on 19th November, the race apparently is the “loli” one found in many Asian MMO titles.

Asta - Raksasa race

The Raksasa race specializes in wielding either twin swords or axes, while also having the ability to summon apparitions to fight beside them. Other new features include a 5 vs 5 PvP arena, endgame dungeon and a new fire fox mount. Asta is apparently signed for China, with no news about an English one.

Asta - Raksasa race summons Asta - Raksasa race screenshot 3 Asta - Raksasa race screenshot 2 Asta - Raksasa race screenshot 1 Asta - New mounts