Gamemag – New Taiwanese studio to showcase 2 MMOs at G-Star 2013

While I am not sure of Gamemag’s relationship with XPEC, the new developer from Taiwan has now taken over 2 of their games for further development, with them being Bounty Hounds Online and Weapons of Mythology Online.


Bounty Hounds Online was about to have a global release a couple of years back, but somehow the plan got delayed and the English versions stalled. Recently launching in Indonesia, Bounty Hounds Online will be on show over at G-Star 2013 for interested gamers and potential partners.

Bounty Hounds Online poster

The next game will be Weapons of Mythology Online, where there are around 100 sacred weapons for players to discover. A newer title, there hasn’t been any publishers announced thus far. There aren’t really any standout features, but perhaps it will suit certain gaming markets.