Project Pentakill – Marvel goes missing from its own MOBA title

First announced back in November last year, the secretive Project PK made another secret appearance at ChinaJoy in July. At Korean developer Smilegate’s recent G-Star media event, the tentative name “Project Pentakill” was revealed, which will be developed by its own Pentakill Studio.

Project PK info

Curiously, there was no more mention about Marvel’s part in this project at the event. The game was supposed to include Marvel characters and various other non-Marvel related heroes from myths and legends, but the 3 images shown did not contain anything Marvel.

Project Pentakill artwork

Has Marvel backed out of the deal? I would say it is too early to tell, but at such a big event, I was expecting to see representatives from Marvel speaking on stage. Project Pentakill is slated for Closed Beta next year as a “Next-Gen MOBA”.

Project PK signing ceremony