RIFT China – CEO claims Trion Worlds did not support content localization

Just a couple of weeks after RIFT China’s closure was announced, the CEO of Shanda Games, Mr Xiangdong Zhang, finally talked about the issue to the China media. He admitted that RIFT’s quality “wasn’t good”, with Trion Worlds not responding to several requests for localized content.

CEO of Shanda Games, Mr Xiangdong Zhang

With the lack of support from the developer, Shanda Games decided to stop the game just after 6 months. Of course, Mr Zhang stopped short of mentioning the dwindling player numbers and the wretched “multi-million Americanized” campaign.

RIFT China spokesperson

With Shanda Games publishing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn in China with the monthly payment model, he claimed that the same issue will not happen, as A Realm Reborn has got much success overseas and Square Enix is putting much effort into the title.

A Realm Reborn China