Asta: The War of Tears and Winds – Open Beta finally announced

First revealed back in 2010, Asta: The War of Tears and Winds will finally enter Open Beta in Korea on 16th October, just a little over a week from now. Powered by CryEngine 3, it will launch with a level cap of 40, 18 maps, 18 instanced dungeons, and a 15 vs 15 battlefield.


Made by Polygon Games and published by Hangame, Asta features 2 warring factions, with the game aiming to be the “Asian World of Warcraft”. Based on myths and legends from various Asian countries, the game aims to capture players with their large-scale PvP wars and stunning visuals.

Asta screenshot

Asta has made appearances behind the scenes (or the Business area) over the past couple of years at various English-based trade shows, possibly seeking out potential publishers. I am not sure if this game’s mechanics is too “old” for the current era, but we shall see.