EndWar Online – Ubisoft reveals military “next gen browser game”

[Beta signup] Out of nowhere, Ubisoft recently announced Tom Clancy’s EndWar Online, touting it as a “next gen browser game” for the PC and Mac. EndWar Online will feature real-time battles, HQ and army management, and “massive” community-based wars.


In EndWar Online, players are put into the shoes of the last leader in the aftermath of World War III. In this time, resources and money have run out and communities are on the brink of collapse as rogue warlords have taken control.

EndWar Online screenshot 1 EndWar Online screenshot 2 EndWar Online screenshot 3

Players must rebuild their homeland by reuniting their faction and leading a battle for earth’s remaining resources. Gamers can enlist as either the “high-tech” European Enforcers or Russia’s Spetnaz, described as a group that uses “brute force tactics.” The snow map below looks really like the typical MOBA design…

EndWar Online screenshot 4 EndWar Online screenshot 5 EndWar Online screenshot 6