Dragon Ball Online – Korea and Taiwan servers shutting down

Once the darling of gaming media around the world, both the original Korea and Taiwan servers for Dragon Ball Online will be closing, marking the end of the MMORPG based on the ever-popular Japanese manga.

Dragon Ball Online Korea closure announcement

The Korea server will shut down tomorrow (26th September), while the Taiwan server will be closing on 31st October. Back in 2011, I first played the Taiwan server, and really thought that the game had huge potential. Vast lands, an intriguing battle system, the PvP tournament etc… Sigh.

Dragon Ball Online Taiwan closure announcement

Things went downhill when Netmarble slowed down on content development, followed by Shanda Games quietly removing the title from its upcoming product list in China. I know that many players from the English community and Brazil are waiting for the game, but sadly it will not happen anymore.

Dragon Ball Online screenshot Dragon Ball Online screenshot Dragon Ball Online screenshot