Bless – New teaser trailer looks at boss transformation

While just a simple video, developer Neowiz is aiming to showcase the graphical prowess of Bless’ game engine, Unreal Engine 3. With terms such as tessellation and such, I guess it is too technical for most gamers, but nonetheless the process itself is quite a sight to behold.


A couple of new boss art pieces were also revealed, each with different storylines and how they came to be. Some are guardians, some are seeking revenge, some are having problems with certain races. Bless will no doubt have an epic storyline when it launches in the near future.

Bless boss artwork 1 Bless boss artwork 2 Bless boss artwork 3 Bless boss artwork 4

In case you missed the G*Star 2012 videos, do click on this article for a great look at how the gameplay will be like. Things are certain to change, but I am guessing the standard point-and-click system will not be changed to a non-target action one that easily.