Age of Storm – Brand new character trailers for 3rd person MOBA title

Having entered Open Beta in South Korea last month after several big-money marketing campaigns, publisher Neowiz is continuing its efforts to push Age of Storm this week by introducing 2 new trailers for existing characters.


Yuria can be considered as the “face” of the game as this character was cosplayed by a popular Korean model throughout the marketing campaigns and also her traditional Korean costume design. Both she and Shiva appears to be mid-range assassin characters judging from the trailers.


If I am not wrong, Age of Storm is only the 2nd full 3D MOBA title to be launched in Korea in recent years, or rather get enough mainstream attention. Nexon’s Cyphers is still doing very well, with tons of tournaments and events. I can’t help but to think why the first of its kind, Land of Chaos Online (LOCO), failed…