Bladecraft – A quick look at the new action game from China

From time to time, I try out new online games from Asia, be they big-named titles or small. I have been playing this new action game titled Bladecraft for the past 2 days casually, developed by a new studio call Ejoy. There are currently 3 classes, each with 2 more advancements at level 20.

Bladescraft advance classes

Once again, the graphics and design parts tend to disappoint, which is something most China developers fail to understand. However, I am finding myself loving the overall feel of the action combat. Every attack feels solid, with a variety of moves on my melee character such as kicks, drops, throwbacks and more.


There is still the stinging stamina system here, and this is a system which I still don’t quite get these days. Other than the normal PvE dungeon maps, there are a couple of special challenge maps for both single player and parties. I have yet to try out PvP, since I will probably get skewered.


There are still several high level maps which I have yet to reach, but from the screenshots shown, it seems the bosses will get bigger and badder, with more quick reflexes needed to dodge some insane attacks. While not a “big” game with questionable aesthetic designs, Bladecraft is still pretty enjoyable.

Bladecraft high level boss