Project Phoenix – Star-studded RTS title launches Kickstarter campaign

[Kickstarter page] Planned for iOS, Android, Linux, Windows and due in mid-2015, Project Phoenix is not just your typical anime style squad-based RTS. The game’s director, Hiroaki Yura, actually worked on animes such as The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya and also Diablo III. Intrigued?


The rest of the team worked on fantastic titles such as the Final Fantasy series, The Elder Scrolls and even Halo 4, so the credentials for this group are really amazing. Project Phoenix will be developed using Unity, with “art that balances Western functionality with Japanese aesthetics.”

Project Phoenix concept

The composer for Final Fantasy 1-10 and 14 (or A Realm Reborn), Nobuo Uematsu, will also be working on this kind-of-epic game, making his first appearance in the indie scene. For more information about the game. head on to the Kickstarter page!

Project Phoenix character artwork