Bless – New breathtaking screenshots released for Unreal Engine 3 epic

A silent few months have passed since we have heard anything about Neowiz’s upcoming Unreal Engine 3 epic, Bless, but the developer/ publisher finally decided to break the silence recently with a new world view trailer new screenshots of the game.

Bless screenshot Bless screenshot

Ok, the narration in Korean might be a bit hard to get pass, but at least we know the game has not been canned in favor of more mobile games. The screenshots showcase what players can expect to find, including different terrains, mounts and more.

Bless screenshot Bless screenshot

Do visit my Facebook album for more images, including new artwork. If you have not seen the demo gameplay back from G*Star last year, hop on over to this article. The combat system is definitely not action-oriented, but the developers did claim it is not the final iteration.



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