Civilization Online – Crafted by ArcheAge developer using CryEngine 3

[Source] Rumored since 2011 and confirmed just not long ago, Massively has managed to snag an exclusive first on Civilization Online, sitting down and having a good chat with representatives from both XLGAMES (including founder Jake Song) and 2K Games to talk about the game.


A couple of notes:

1. Civilization Online is developed for the PC using CryEngine 3.

2. Civilization Online is planned to be a Free-to-Play game, although the business model is not confirmed.

3. Every player controls individual characters rather than owning a full army.

4. Gameplay is definitely not turn-based.

5. Instead of “classes”, players choose “careers” instead. They can research and develop new technologies, construct buildings and architectural wonders, wage war, or conduct espionage.

6. Civilization Online is a sandbox title, and players will be able to create buildings and other structures, including full cities. There is no internal housing decoration system, only exterior.

7. Weapons, clothing, transportation, and other equipment will also be made by the players.

8. There will still be city invasions, similar to the franchise’s signature highlight point.

9. Chat will mostly likely be restricted between hostile civilizations, but enabled among neutral and friendly ones.

10. New maps will appear weekly for the areas surrounding the main encampments, and players must explore them to expand their civilizations. Because of this, players will have no idea what level of advancement other civilizations are until they bump into them.

Civilization Online screenshot

More information can be read in the lengthy article over at the source. Civilization Online is definitely a huge change from ArcheAge, and hopefully XLGAMES and 2K Games will pull this off. More screenshots over at my Facebook album.

Civilization Online screenshot 3Civilization Online screenshot