Age of Storm – Awesome new trailer as Open Beta begins tomorrow

The third-person MOBA market in Korea hasn’t really been successful (other than Cyphers), with the other only example in Land of Chaos Online (LOCO), if anyone remembered how short-lived it was. But publisher Neowiz is not afraid to fail for a 2nd time, as the company prepares to launch Age of Storm tomorrow.


I am not sure if anyone here is well-versed in the lore of the Kingdom Under Fire franchise (if there is any), but the game does look pretty similar to SMITE, color palette and all. With much marketing dollars spent, Neowiz will no doubt be anxious for the game to succeed.


Over at the launch presentation, the 3 singers/ models who have been portraying a couple of the characters were present in full cosplay mode. The male model looks exceptionally awesome compared to the other 2 female ones…

Age of Storm cosplay Age of Storm cosplay Age of Storm cosplay Age of Storm cosplay