TERA Korea – Content update sees 5 new instance dungeons

Nothing much has been reported about TERA since developer Bluehole started recruitment for its sequel, and a recent massive update reminded Korean gamers the game is far from dead. 5 news ones were added, with choices such as solo, 3-man, 5-man and 7-man ones.

TERA new dungeon

The dungeons are roughly translated as Wizard’s Fortress, Ancient Underground Canal, Ship of the Red Pirates, Forest of the Giants and Shrine of Barde.  Below are screenshots of each of the dungeon’s final boss.

TERA - Wizard's FortressTERA - Ancient Underground CanalTERA - Ship of the Red PiratesTERA - Fores of the GiantsTERA - Shrine of Barde

The new dungeons will supply players with new gears, while the older dungeons such as the 10 and 20-man ones will see better gears dropping.

TERA - Gears

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