Battle of the Gods – Tencent reveals new 10 vs 10 MOBA title

Originally scheduled to be announced last December, the MOBA known as RGame mysteriously did a no-show. Over at ChinaJoy, Tencent Games finally revealed the self-develop MOBA title, loosely translated as Battle of the Gods. Yes, its main feature now is its 10 vs 10 mode.


The game characters will be based on gods from various mythologies from around the world, including Greek, Europe and India. Yeah I know, sounds like a top-down version of SMITE. Prepare to meet Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Loki, the 12 Constellations and more.

Battle of the Gods - ChinaJoy 2013 poster

Battle of the Gods will feature a new system to solve disconnections by team members, although no details were given. There are a couple of new stuff as well, but I will post about them once more information is available.