RGame – Tencent teases new MOBA to be revealed at annual event

As the owner of Riot Games and League of Legends, Tencent Games has literally a stranglehold over the MOBA genre globally. But the company is not resting its laurels in the lucrative China market, with a new MOBA game teased for reveal at its upcoming annual event.


After going through the handful of MOBA games we have in the western market, they don’t seem to relate to any existing title. The search also dawned on me that there really aren’t many mainstream MOBA games out there.

Update: This is NOT Dota 2, as Dota 2 China is signed by Perfect World.

RGame teaser

A famous China industry veteran is claiming that RGame is a new MOBA developed by ex-employees of Blizzard who worked on Warcraft 3 and also folks from Electronic Arts (EA).

RGame teaser RGame teaser