MapleStory – Subway station dresses up for 10th anniversary celebrations

MapleStory is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and a mega festival will begin soon. Despite its age, Nexon has spared no expenses in promoting the game further, with the Jamsil Station being dressed in Maple colors. Those 1,000 characters on the giant posters are gamers’ actual in-game characters.

MapleStory invades Jamsil subway station in Korea MapleStory invades Jamsil subway station in Korea

Nexon has also just released a 10th anniversary guidebook for MapleStory, which I manage to ship over a couple of copies for collection’s sake. Not many online games get to this ripe old age and still has such a large player base, and MapleStory will certainly go down as 1 of the all-time greats.

MapleStory 10th anniversary guidebook