Black Gold Online – Game features listed in refreshed official website

Snail Game’s 2nd game after the successful Age of Wushu, Black Gold Online will be previewed at E3 2013 next month. Before that, the official China website has been updated with a new look, followed by descriptions of the game’s features.


1. Huge world to explore for both opposing factions, with around 300 square kilometers of land mass.

Black Gold Online screenshot Black Gold Online screenshot

2. 6 races (3 on each faction), with over 18 classes including advancements. Healers can deal massive damage as well!


3. Dynamic events (same concept as Guild Wars 2), both big and small, will be scattered all around the world. Some will trigger new scenario quests, while others will affect everyone on the server.

4. Guild wars, faction wars and cross-server PvP are some of the announced PvP modes thus far.

Black Gold Online screenshot

5. 360 degrees combat, aiming at the skies, on the ground, in the sea.

6. Non-target action combat, focusing on players’ control (combo, dash, dodge etc).

7. Variety of mounts to ride, including mecha suits (turns into FPS view), anti-air tanks, delivery carriers, flying dragons and more to transport the rare resource, Black Gold and to destroy opposing faction’s supplies.

Black Gold Online screenshot

8. In-house Flexi engine allows the creation of various views in 1 game, including FPS, TPS and sniper-scope view during different situations.

Black Gold Online screenshot


  1. It looks really good, if i were to compare with guild wars 2 i’d say it has better gameplay mechanics , but i think it still lacks from fluent animation and Jeremy Sole. Well, its a great title on the f2p market though.

    • financial figures are just pointless, the economy has changed since then. comparing numbers would just be pointless and doesn’t really reflect the various factors that went into whether or not a game is a success and since there many definition for success again another moot point. Let’s just hope the game isn’t another endless grind of killing monsters in the field to get some rare items. Lineage 2 was so boring because that’s all you did.

  2. Can anyone put the “300 kilometers” into perspective? For example, how large would one of the continents on WoW be?

    • Can’t seem to find the latest calculations, most of them are from a few years back without the current MoP expansion areas.

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