ArcheAge – XLGAMES apologizes to angry player in official news post

In an official news posted on ArcheAge’s website today, it was reported that a player of ArcheAge Korea caused a din at XLGAMES’ offices on 3rd May, kicking on the office’s glass walls and trying to enter the premises due to lack of support over his hacked account.

Update: Full information here.

ArcheAge player commotion news

 Of course, he was restrained by the company security guard. But according to voice records posted on an internet forum (here and here), the guard was also at fault for his aggressiveness, leading to XLGAMES apologizing to the player involved as well and promised to “enhance the training for security staff in the future”.

XLGAMES is also looking into an overrall review of the customer service procedures. The player’s ArcheAge account was apparently hacked several times despite being authenticated, pretty much like a case of identity theft.

No confirmation how this happened, with some suggestions that he logged into his account at an unsecured PC unit.



  1. your title is wrong. if he didnt post that conversation he recored on internet, he would not even post that shit. everyone is victim. too many people’s accounts are being hacked. people gave up. everyone is angry. it went viral. no one can stop it now. he left really ridiculous comment in twitter “buy iphone” when someone said “please make android app. why only iphone?”. anyway rich koreans do bad things to korean. china server will be free to play + cash item. they will do great service except korea.

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