ArcheAge – Reports claim Korean server to announce F2P change

According to foreign reports, XLGAMES is ready to announce a full conversion to a Free-to-Play model for the Korean server in June. The Korean server is currently on a Pay-to-Play (P2P) model, with the China and English servers’ models unconfirmed still.


The reports claim that while ArcheAge is a consistent title in the top 5 rankings of games played in Korea’s internet cafes (or PC bangs), its overall market share is still unable to topple rivals such as Aion and Blade & Soul. The game is also finding it tough to break into the top 10 games for overall market share.


Do note that the above report is just a rumour, with nothing concrete at this point of time. More information to be posted if the mid-June announcement is real. And yes, the latest mount in ArcheAge is a car.

ArcheAge screenshot