Warhammer Online – Key employees let go in latest round of EA layoffs

Voted as North America’s worst company for the 2nd year running, Electronic Arts (EA) continued with even more rounds of layoffs, which was confirmed yesterday. A rumored 10% of total manpower was affected, and among those are 2 key staff behind Warhammer Online.


First off, the game’s Community Manager, Timothy Chappell, announced his departure via the official Mythic forums. He previously worked in the same role for Dark Age of Camelot and Ultima Online.

Second, Warhammer Online’s leader developer, Keaven Freeman, has also left the EA-owned developer after 6 years there. He posted the departure news on his own blog.

Warhammer Online screenshot

I will be honest here, I queued up at Warhammer Online’s local launch event to get the Collector’s Edition, and wasn’t really pleased with the game a few weeks into it. EA recently closed down several social games as well, which was to “aligned all elements of its organizational structure behind priorities in new technologies and mobile”.

Warhammer screenshot


  1. They’re probably readying to off this nigh-lifeless trainwreck once and for all.

    I only wish that they would hand out the server files so that some dedicated fans could give this game the support that EA never cared to offer. Doubtful though, especially since Games Workshop has a deathgrip on all of their IP and probably couldn’t put up with the existence of a private server, despite the fact that anyone who would touch this mess would probably be the sort of ardent fan that would best preserve the setting’s integrity best of all.

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