Tencent Games – Roundup of the other major news from annual event

The annual product announcement event just ended for China’s biggest online gaming company, Tencent Games, and the most prominent titles include Naruto Online and Monster Hunter Online. Below are just a few of the other major titles to round up the event.

Tencent Games annual event


The debut test phase for the China server will begin from 22nd May till 31st May. Only 1,000 lucky fans will be able to enter this phase though, which will no doubt be a major downer for most. Read the interview I had with the English server publisher, Trion World, right here!


Blade & Soul

The 3rd test phase will begin on 7th May, and will include the latest class found in the Korean server, the Lyn Sword Master (or Blademaster), along with the PvP tournament arena. Wow, it is getting so close to the Korean server’s content!


Metro Conflict

The new Unreal Engine 3 shooter, developed by the creators of A.V.A, has got its official Chinese name, translated as “Heavy Firepower”. The debut test phase will begin on 2nd May. More info and trailers about the game here.


Mystic Fighter

The challenger to Tencent’s own Dungeon Fighter Online China, Mystic Fighter’s official Chinese name is translated as “Soul Hunters”. The debut test phase will take place in June. Click here to view the trailers for the Korean server.

Mystic Fighter China

The Magic Sword Online

Tencent’s self-developed martial arts title will begin its debut test phase on 22nd April, just 4 days from now. This is a major surprise since there wasn’t any early beta key events, and the earliest only started a few days back. More info about the game here.



The MOBA title teased a few days back was missing from the event. Subsequently, the teaser website and social channels for the game have gone missing. From what I was told, the game is about heroes from Heaven and Hell fighting each other, forming the 2 factions.

RGame is also suppose to counter Perfect World’s upcoming Dota 2 China, and perhaps Tencent pulled RGame out to give the developers more time to do some final adjustments, since Dota 2 isn’t ready as well.