Digimon Battle – Another game closes as trend continues

Digimon Battle was first launched in Korea sometime in 2003 I believe, and took it 7 years to reach the western shores in 2010. Despite the dated graphics, the game still was fun for me until newer games came out and I drifted away, thus forgetting about it totally.

Digimon Battle - Closure announcement

I am a really mid-core Digimon fan, with figurines, cards and soft toys still around somewhere. The thing which pisses me off is the half-ass effort WeMade Entertainment is putting in to market and promote their games.

Digimon Battle screenshot

Why buy over Joymax (Silkroad Online developer) seeking global expansion, only to ignore the English portal? Where are the marketing campaigns and new titles? I foresee the company’s other games to enter rough waters soon, except Silkroad Online of course.

WeMade Entertainment - English portal