Viper Circle – Neowiz teases new Unreal Engine 3 shooter

While the avalanche of MOBA titles from both Western and Asian developers are occupying headlines within the industry, the FPS genre has taken a backseat, though still a very relevant genre. Neowiz Games, still smarting from a company-wide layoff, has teased its latest title, Viper Circle.


An online shooter crafted using Unreal Engine 3, no in-game footage nor screenshots are available, although the game’s plot can be read in English right below.

The game pitches 3 factions against each other, with over 30 characters to choose from. Players may customize them to create their own unique version of the character.

Viper Circle plot

According to foreign reports, the creator/ producer of A.V.A (Alliance of Valiant Arms) took part in the game’s development as well, with most team members veterans of the FP genre. More information to be posted as Viper Circle gets closer to the Closed beta phase.

Viper Circle poster