Lineage Eternal – Game scheduled to launch after WildStar

NCsoft has released a new investor relations document, highlighting the financials and stuff. While I am not really into numbers, Lineage Eternal is more or less confirmed to be NCsoft’s next title once WildStar launches, as seen in the chart below. Thanks to Aforice Af for the news.

Lineage Eternal launch schedule

Lineage Eternal was first revealed back at G*Star 2011, with the title a supposed spiritual successor to Lineage 1, rather than Lineage 2. The skill-drag function is 1 of the main highlights of the game, and NCsoft even patented the tech.



  1. WildStar does look awesome and even better that it is coming in 2013. But I have to wonder if NCsoft will launch the new linage after WildStar and even have a projected date for it, when are they going to have beta, even alpha testing for the English version of Blade and Soul. They announced it and made a site for it but it was pretty much gone dark. My guess is that they realized that the MMO space is changing, and the game needs to much fixing and changing to be a viable profit as an MMO and have ether placed it very far on the back burner or have just scraped it all together.

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