Ghost at Midnight – More details about the game

Announced a couple of weeks back, Ghost at Midnight is the maiden MMORPG from Korean developer, Nbrix. Currently still in development and with no actual screenshots, interviewed the game’s Director of Development to squeeze out more info, summarized below.

Nbrix Director of Development

– Nbrix decided on the “ghost” theme after doing research on games all over the world, deciding that there is a lack of such games.

– The aim of Ghost at Midnight is not to scare the hell out of players or terrify them, but rather inputting the horror factors into the storyline and resonate with the players.

– It is confirmed that Ghost at Midnight will cover all folklore and ghost stories from the East and West.

Ghost at Midnight artwork

– There will be 2 starting areas, separated into the Western and Eastern lore areas. For example, players choosing the Western side will start in a village where witches once lived.

– The emotion of the game, from the monsters’ point of view, will be “hatred”. For example, the nine-tailed fox was once a small child, sacrificed in a ceremony. Nbrix is looking to deliver this emotion via the storyline.

Ghost at Midnight artwork

– Ghost at Midnight’s main storyline is focused on the ghost gate (or hell gate) opening, causing hordes of supernatural beings to wander on the lands and the battle with exorcists.

Ghost at Midnight artwork

– There are no good and evil factions, although players can choose to become a ghost (or demon etc).

Ghost at Midnight artwork

– 1 of the PvE features will see the supernatural beings attacking all villages. Once lost, the fallen villages will belong to them. Of course, they can be reclaimed as well.

– The character classes will still use the standard template of tank, damage dealer, support, healer etc.

– Ghost at Midnight is currently scheduled for Closed beta at the end of this year. (Personal thoughts: 100% it will be delayed)

Ghost at Midnight poster