Hangame – Mass recruitment for new employees

According to foreign reports, Hangame, the gaming portal for NHN Corp, has been mass recruiting new employees since early last month. Around 200 positions are to be filled as Hangame seeks to boost its gaming departments, with half of them aimed at experienced job seekers.

NHN Corp

The positions include technical ones such as server technology specialists, web programming etc, as well as artists, 3D modelers, game content development, operations etc. The projects are not just limited to client games, but also mobile and social.

I am not really sure which studios are actually under NHN Corp/ Hangame, but 1 for sure is IMC Games, which is working on Project R1 right now. Hangame recently launched Kritika, with Asta, Kingdom Under Fire II, Dungeon Striker and Devilian waiting in the wings.

Asta screenshot