RIFT China – Maggie Q wants to be taught how to play the game

RIFT China’s publisher, Shanda Games, is trying very hard to stress what an Western success the game is in order to attract the China gamers. Hence, American celebrities are recruited, the first being NBA star Dwyane Wade, while the second is Maggie Q, as we  can see in the trailer below.


And yes, as spoken in the video, she apparently needs someone to teach her how to play the game. What an obvious choice for spokesperson for a company with money to throw around on marketing campaigns.

RIFT China Maggie Q poster

In a recent financial news, Shanda Games reportedly seen its profits for Q4 2012 dropped by 29.6%, hence being kicked out of the top 3 spot and overtaken by rival ChangYou in China. No doubt the Shanda executives see American folks like Dwyane Wade and Maggie Q, with a third one to come, as the answers to their downturn in fortunes.

RIFT China screenshot RIFT China screenshot