RIFT China – Weird event launched to give out Closed Beta keys

While I admire the almost no holds barred attitude the China MMO industry adopt when marketing products, a few of these campaigns can range from tasteless to pure outlandish. RIFT China’s publisher, Shanda Games, held an event ending last week where players who post pictures comparing their previous and current girlfriends on their microblog channels and tag the event name may stand a chance to win a RIFT Closed Beta key.

After some digging, I found out that this is a plot to somehow inform people World of Warcraft is the ex, while RIFT is the current… The image above showing a merger of the 2 games’ logos are done by the RIFT China team as well, posted on its microblog channel. To me, this is just pure sad, as they still have to compare themselves to a MMO over a decade old.

I am guessing some of you are curious what photos were posted. The microblog service provider I am on does not really show many actual comparison pictures, with most just posting their current girlfriend’s picture and asking for a Closed Beta key. Here are some of the more outstanding ones… (Of course, those single guys are all lamenting about this event)