[G*Star 2012] Mabinogi II: Arena – Official trailer now online

Previously, the videos taken at Nexon’s media conference, which can be found here, were recorded using a camera, hence the choppy view at certain times. Earlier today, developer DevCat (under Nexon) posted the official trailer online.



  1. Finally, someone who understands that not everything was probably shown about the game. All I’ve heard were whiners and complainers about this game. I, for one, am excited and can’t wait.

    • You have to understand that a lot of the fan base for Mabinogi didn’t take to Vindictus that much as it’s just a game based on doing dungeon after dungeon.

      If Mabinogi II: Arena turns out to be the same thing accept in an “arena” devCAT and Nexon are both basically saying “screw you” to the fan base of Mabinogi who wanted a true sequel to their favorite game.

        • That was my thought too. To be honest Project NT looks like a new mabinogi or probably a Mabinogi 2. I can say from the trailer of Project NT that it’s a unique game and the trailer reminded me of Mabinogi’s Hanstone Trailer.

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