Mabinogi II: Arena – Game trailer recorded at media conference

As posted earlier today, Mabinogi II: Arena was revealed as the mystery 7th title to be showcased at G*star 2012. While the trailer is still not officially available, the Korean media managed to record it live via a handy camera. So, here is a sneak peek at the official G*Star 2012 debut trailer for Mabinogi II: Arena!


Update: Added a new combat demo video from the conference, in which the combat system in Mabinogi II: Arena is introduced. Viewers can see a myriad of action, including mounted combat and tag-team moves. Is it just me or is the game becoming more wrestling/ Street Fighter-like?



  1. Hmm, my reaction is surprisingly rather mixed.

    I really like the elements they used from Mabinogi Heroes; its obvious that they refined the grappling combat a great deal. That two characters can do combinations of movements adds some exciting dimensions to this title.

    The world-building feels a bit more shallow, however. Naturally, we arent going to see too much from a three minute trailer, but the combat seems to be the main draw for the game, based on what was presented. With regards to current mmo conventions, at least in the West, Im not sure how well that will retain players in the long run.

    How open will this game be? What will compel players to explore it and spend time in it?

    There seems to be a little aesthetic customization involved, based on what was shown. Maybe that is a clue?

  2. I have been waiting to see this game since it was mentioned… I was assuming it was going to be the sequel to Mabinogi and so to be like Mabinogi, just with improved graphics, but now…

    It looks like it’s going to be dungeon based like Vindictus and I am very very saddened by that. I know I shouldn’t be “sad” but I’ve played Mabinogi so long that a sequel to it that had the same elements and everything would have made me and thousands of fans of the game extremely happy.

  3. It’s pretty much mabinogi with mabinogi heroes action attacks. Hopefully you can change the camera positions like in mabi and hopefully you fight outside of dungeons and caves

  4. Mabinogi fantasy life is a well made pseudo-sandbox, a beautyful open world rpg where combat is not the only thing to do, this one seems a vindictus clone where combat is the main focus and everything else don’t matter, don’t like it but is too early to make final judgements.

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