[G*Star 2012] Icarus – Official trailer shown with actual game footage

Icarus, although the listed in the Korean media as 1 of the “Big 4″ this year alongside Mabinogi II, Bless and Asta, was always the black horse in my mind. First known as NED, the game took another 2-3 years to polish up, first using CryEngine 2, and later changing to CryEngine 3.


The main feature of the game, as seen in the full trailer above, is the mounted combat on both land and in the skies. These mounts are call “Fellows” in the game.


Attached below is a new combat footage of Icarus, this time with actual game user-interface. Although the footage is from the developer, it seems they are really hasty editing it, given the low quality visuals even at 720p. But still, it will serve as a good example how combat actually plays out.