[G*Star 2012] Asta: The War of Tears and Winds – New game footage

As 1 of the “Big 4″ at this year’s G*Star event, the game as been shrouded in relative mystery since no one knew how different it will be compared to last year’s demo. With much gratitude from me, Hangame release a new trailer with tons of actual in-game action. The formula for being an “Asian World of Warcraft” apparently has not changed, and various Asian cultural influences can be spotted.


Developed using CryEngine 3 (initially CryEngine 2), the game is looking pretty crisp and the colors super vibrant. While it is no action MMO which is the trend these days among the new generation of gamers, a couple of awesomely-made old fashion tab-target online games will only do good to give players different choices. There is no release schedule for Asta at this point of time, with the usual 2013 expectations.